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Top Cycles - One store: Three sports

We are one of the oldest shops in Athens with more than 40 years of history because we have the ability and experience to not olny follow the market's pulse, but sometimes also be ahead of it!

Based on this, we continually strive to respond to the demands and needs of our clientele and evolve ourselves. We created an online store with a simple, user-friendly interface, easy to access, where our customers can find the product they are looking for, 24/7 at the most competitive prices.

The Hellenic reality fortunately matures. It is becoming more selective and more qualitative. More and more are choosing a daily active lifestyle choosing activities that will offer them wellness and personal challenges. Now the new trend in sport tends in three activities. Cycling, Running, Swimming thus Triathlon gains more and more friends and faithful followers.

That is why Top Cycles invested 50m² dedicated entirely to Triathlons’ needs and signed collaborations with some of the most prominent brands in this field. One step beyond, always according to our belief, we invested in new people in our store, highly motivated and active people who are willing to transmit their passion and knowledge to our customers.

The Top Cycles team, whether it's for cycling, running or swimming – always offers our clients significant tips, personalized advice and useful knowledge. This comprehensive and constant support from us, ensures their improved performance. Thus, they return.









At Top Cycles everyone has a name and a passion: Yiannis, Thanasis, Stathis, Panagiotis and Yiannis all are running, cycling, swimming, and are passionate about their sport! And they want to share it with others… You!

A visit to our store, a telephone call, an email or a message on Facebook will tell you that we are true!

72, Vas.Alexandrou Ave.12134 Peristeri, Greece

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