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XLAB Sonic Wing (Black)

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XLAB Sonic Wing (Black)

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  •     Lightest Alloy Carrier
  •     Fastest
  •     30 Total Positions

What is the Sonic Wing?

Cervelo™ Specific Alloy Rear Hydration Carrier. You know those mysterious two holes in a Cervelo™ seatpost? Well, this Carrier will fit in there, a nice tight fit. Is compatible with the Cervelo™ P2Cs, P3Cs and P4Cs. Consider the Carbon Sonic made of Carbon Fiber for a lighter version.


When installed in the high position, air flows cleanly around the aero seat post. The narrow 5/8" SONIC WING chassis has an open back allowing air to exit. This can save 13 seconds per 40 kilometers when in the high position.

Lightest Alloy Available

    Chassis: 60g +/- 1g
    Chassis w/ Straps: 69g +/- 1g
    Chassis w/ Hardware: 95g +/- 1g
    Chassis w/ Hardware & Straps: 104g +/- 1g

Custom Fit

Has 30 different positions available, so that you can have a custom fit position that is both comfortable and aerodynamic. Can be inverted for a lower position on the saddle, or keep it upright for a low drag higher position. 3 different carrier angles and 5 different bottle angles for each position.

Product Name
XLAB Sonic Wing (Black)
XLAB Sonic Wing (Black)

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