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XLAB Torpedo Mini Mount White

39,95 €
10,00 €

XLAB Torpedo Mini Mount  White

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MPN: 2047

NO MORE splashing from front bottle
Can Save up to 7 minutes in Ironman.

FLAT PLATE Smooths airflow below Bottle and Cage
HORIZONTAL NOT tilted up 18 degrees like othersEASY INSTALL/Removal
NO tools required
CLEAR of Steerer Cap for XLAB Aero Computer Mount
Uses Non-Stretch polyester straps
No zip ties that lose tension in the Sun
5X MORE adjustable than others
Ideal for any distance
No drag penalty
Front area of bottle 68% less than most other Bottles
4 Straps with Silicone Grip adjust to aerobar width
Fits bars 9-14 cms apart. Center to center1 1/2" fore and aft adjustment of cage on mount
Use XLAB Torpedo Cage for lowest drag setup

Product Name
XLAB Torpedo Mini Mount White
XLAB Torpedo Mini Mount White