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Vision Metron TFA Aerobar JS-Bend

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FIND YOUR FIT WITH THE FASTEST AEROBAR: the next level of adjustability with integrated aerodynamics. The new Metron TFA Aerobar system features a flip -flop carbon wing basebar, ergonomic extensions and a snakebite stem which integrates the system together. This allows for an internal Di2 junction box with internal cable routing along with one of the highest adjustable AM option currently available. Fit increments in various dimensions are the foundation of the Metron Aerobar design and are easily adjustable with no occluded bolts.
. Stack: 70 to 145mm (Bottom of stem at center to top of uncompressed pad + 5mm)
. Reach: -9mm to -99 (Center of Basebar to rear edge of armrest - 7.5mm Increments)
. Width: 210mm to 360 (outside-to-outside – 15mm Increments)
. Extension Length Adjustment: 245mm to 384mm (Center of Basebar to Tip)
. Extension: Length: 412mm  - Height: 60mm - Angle: 35° (12° at extension tip)
. Armrest Rotation: 0-13°
. Bracket Tilt Adjustment: 0-16°
. WEIGHT: 1155g (with stem)

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